Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama Running Against GOP Brand

President Obama staked out a campaign strategy of running against the Republican brand in his speech yesterday according to MSNBC's First Read.

President Obama’s speech assailing the Ryan budget plan achieved one thing for certain yesterday: It drove the conservative intelligentsia crowd nuts...Their reaction seemed to be: How dare the president campaign against us!!!! And as we pointed out yesterday, Obama isn’t necessarily running against Mitt Romney; he’s running against the Republican Party brand -- and making sure that Romney owns that brand. In fact, Romney’s biggest challenge over the next two or three months will be for him to differentiate himself from the brand. There’s been a lot of focus of late on how damaged Romney has become in this process (his high negatives with indies, etc). But we’ve noticed a larger trend: The brand of the GOP is what’s been damaged; Romney may simply be collateral damage. And this is why he has to figure out a way to either improve the GOP’s brand or differentiate himself. Which can he achieve?

Good luck with that, Mitt.

--Ballard Burgher

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