Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gerson Gets It

Conservative columnist Michael Gerson continues the recent trend of the most dead-on commentary on the plight of the Republican party coming from Republicans in The Washington Post.

The GOP’s main problem is not the contraceptive issue; it is the perception that it has become too ideological on many issues. Women and independent voters have seen a party enthusiastically confirming its most damaging stereotypes. The composite Republican candidate — reflecting the party’s ideological mean — has been harsh on immigration, confrontational on social issues, simplistic in condemning government and silent on the struggles of the poor. How many women would find this profile appealing on eHarmony?

This is the hidden curse of the Republican congressional triumph of 2010. Republican activists came to believe that purity is all that is necessary for victory. But a presidential candidate, it turns out, requires a broader ideological attraction than your average tea party House freshman...To secure a decent shot at this election, Romney will need to offer some positive vision for the common good.

--Ballard Burgher

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