Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kristol on GOP Convention, Night 1

William Kristol describes the first night of the Republican convention in The Weekly Standard.

It was always perhaps the stupider party, the clumsier party, and the stodgier party. But it was also the sounder party, the more constitutional party, and the more responsible party. Now, Donald Trump's Republican party is stupider than ever, but it is no longer sound or constitutional or responsible. Quite an achievement. So it was a depressing first day here at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

It was the day when it became incontrovertibly clear that a distinguished political party has fallen into the grip of a vulgar demagogue with a thuggish retinue. They will maintain that grip at least through November 8. And even if they lose, the after-effects will be substantial, and recovery and renaissance won't be easy.

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