Monday, February 22, 2016

Nailing the 'Trump is Wrecking the GOP' Meme

Conservative pundits like George Will argue that Donald Trump is wrecking the Republican Party. Kevin Drum is having none of it on Mother Jones.

So is Trump really wrecking the GOP? I don't see it. The GOP wrecked the GOP. They're the ones who have spent the last 30 years building the kind of party that Trump appeals to. If Michael Moore entered the Democratic race, do you think he'd have the same effect? After all, he's loud, he's funny, and he's unapologetically liberal.

But he wouldn't have any serious impact. He'd build a small movement and get some good press, and that would be that. There just aren't enough Democrats around who'd find his brand of rabble-rousing convincing presidential material. The Democratic establishment hasn't spent the last 30 years building that kind of party.

So let's knock off the crocodile tears about Trump wrecking the Republican Party. This is the party the Republican establishment built. They found it convenient, and they were pretty sure they could keep it under control. But they couldn't. They started a bonfire to keep the rubes good and fired up, and now they're getting upset because someone else is throwing in a few logs and taking ownership of it. Boo hoo.

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