Friday, August 7, 2015

Trump's Superpower: No Shame

Ezra Klein explains Donald Trump's secret on

Did Donald Trump win the debate? Lose it? I have no idea. it's not even clear those concepts apply to a candidate like him. By the normal rules of Republican debates, Trump was crushed like a bug. But by the normal rules of Republican presidential campaigns, Trump doesn't exist. Fox News said their insta-poll showed voters turning against Trump, but who knows? My colleague Jon Allen, who was in the arena, reports that when Trump was first introduced, the applause for him was light compared to other candidates. By the end, he was drawing "uproarious cheers" and had seemed to win over the crowd, at least sentimentally.
But Donald Trump proved something last night. Fox News threw everything they had at him, they did it on national television, and he didn't flinch. Donald Trump proved that you cannot embarrass Donald Trump. He is a man who lives entirely without shame or self-doubt. It's like a superpower. And every time he refuses to back down, every time he shows what you can do and say if you have no shame, his supporters thrill to him a little more. After all, if the media can't stop him, then what chance do the Democrats have? What chance do America's enemies have?

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