Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sullivan on Boehner and Netanyahu

Andrew Sullivan notes that Mossad sources oppose Israeli PM Netanyahu's accepting John Boehner's invitation to address Congress on The Daily Dish.

After Boehner’s crass attempt to have Netanyahu get even more standing ovations from the Congress in order to kill the negotiations with Iran, there’s some delicious irony in what has come next.

Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen McCain’s face when the Mossad told him they do not think another war against a Muslim state in the Middle East is the best idea right now, when far more workable alternatives are still available? But the truth is that many inside the sane Israeli defense and intelligence communities – which were opposed to the Iraq War – really do believe that negotiating constraints on Iran’s nuclear capacity is in Israel’s interest and that war is not.

They don’t believe that new threats of sanctions will do anything but scuttle any chance of a peaceful deal. And that the subsequent war would actually accelerate Iran’s now-stalled and frozen nuclear weapon program, rather than remove the threat. America’s intelligence community believes the same, as does the British prime minister.

Everything else is dangerous ideological posturing that could up-end years of painful diplomacy and manage to unite the Iranian regime with the vast majority of its otherwise pro-American opposition. It would be lose-lose-lose rather than a still live possibility of win-win. And when the Mossad is saying that AIPAC is out of control, someone on Capitol Hill should perk up and notice.

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