Monday, February 10, 2014

NFL Prospect Comes Out

Andrew Sullivan on the public coming out of NFL draft prospect Michael Sam on The Daily Dish.
A “man’s-man game.” What’s interesting to me is how that assessment of football is used to exclude homosexuals! But that’s simply a function of ignorance. That formulation equates homosexuality with femininity, but it’s a much more complicated and diverse phenomenon than that. There are, it seems to me, many homosexualities – across the entire male-female spectrum, with many different routes to adulthood. Yes there are many gays who identify with women and the company of women. But there are also many who identify with men and the company of men (and along the entire spectrum in between). There are hyper-masculine gays as well as hyper-feminine ones and everything in between. (There’s also, I’d argue, more muted diversity along these lines among straight men as well.)
UPDATE: Terrific profile in the NYT makes it clear that with parental alcoholism, brothers in prison, and other bigger issues, coming to terms with being gay was the least of Michael
Sam's problems.

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