Friday, November 8, 2013

A Republican Who Is Not Crazy

David Frum offers a humorous take on life as a Republican who is not crazy on The Daily Beast.

Q: What do you think of President Obama?

Me: I think he's a big tax, spend, and over-regulate liberal.

Q: So, he's a communist then?

Me: No, not a communist.

Q: Trying to overthrow the Constitution and deliberately capsize the U.S. economy?

Me: No, he's not trying to do that.

Q: He's motivated by a deep-seated hatred of white people?

Me: Don't be absurd.

Q: His healthcare reform will extinguish all freedom and literally sentence our seniors to death.

Me: Hardly.

Q: You'd agree that he secretly sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood and America's enemies?

Me: That's crazy!

Q: Why are you always defending President Obama?

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