Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney's Lies in VFW Speech

Heather Hurlburt details five lies from Mitt Romney in his VFW speech on Democracy Arsenal. 1. "Obama's defense cuts" were actually passed by Congress. The White House proposed cuts in the defense budget but Congress exceeded them. 2. "cuts have no strategy." Again, taking just the $498 million reduction in growth over a decade that the Admin proposed, it flowed from the strategy review that the Pentagon issued this past January. You could disagree with that strategy. But that would require you to offer a counter-strategy. 3. Romney accused Obama of bashing Israel in speeches to the UN but failed to specify a speech. Hurlburt mentions two speeches in which the President was complimentary of Israel. 4. Romney decried the President's alleged "apology tour." rates this Romney standard "pants on fire" and Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post gives it "four pinnochios." 5. Romney claims US prestige has declined among our allies. Hurlburt points out that our poll numbers have actually improved since 2008 in Great Britain and Poland, two countries Romney will visit this week. Mendacity has been standard fare throughout the campaign for Romeny as Politifact documents. --Ballard Burgher

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