Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Party of Limbaugh

Andrew Sullivan sums up the commentary on the harm done to the GOP's 2012 electoral prospects by Rush Limbaugh's ugly attack on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke over birth control on The Daily Dish. Most striking is Massimo Calabresi's suggestion on Time's Swampland blog.

Limbaugh and Santorum’s hostility to contraception will appear to many female voters as an attempt to roll back 50 years of progress for women. Limbaugh’s final over-the-top assertion — that if Fluke wants to be paid by taxpayers for sex, he "want[s] something in return," namely, that she post videos online of herself having sex — just ties up the whole alienating package with a big "Vote for Obama" bow.

Limbaugh behaving like a bullying, self-righteous jerk is the gift that keeps on giving to President Obama and the Democrats.

--Ballard Burgher

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